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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Tips for intercultural couples #1

We easily assume that our loved one has similar thoughts, values, and perceptions. However, bear in mind your partner from a different culture has seen different status symbols and role models through fairy tales and movies. He/she has grown up with different smells and spices in the kitchen, and was raised with different rules regarding respect, privacy or punctuality.

A lot of tension in intercultural couples comes down to miscommunication. So, instead of assuming you know, stay open-minded and curious. Ask your partner directly: “what does this mean to you?”. Examples: 🌿What does it mean to you to get married? 🌿What does it mean to you to involve the extended family in the decision-making process? 🌿What does it mean to you to eat food prepared in this particular way? So, I invite you to keep wondering and learning about your partner.

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