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Non-violent/compassionate communication

Towards clarity and authenticity

“When people hear needs, it provokes compassion.

When people hear diagnoses, it provokes defensiveness and attack.”

M. Rosenberg, creator of Nonviolent Communication

Effective communication transforms any relationship! Why?

We all know it: communication is the glue of every relationship – with others and ourselves. So ask yourself: how would my life change at home and work if I could communicate clearly how I feel without blaming?


Learning `compassionate communication’ strengthens your relationships, reduces draining conflicts and enhances empathy. Similarly, your self-talk will become more self-compassionate, which will enable you to better deal with challenging situations.

Compassionate Communication: inspired by Non-Violent Communication

The content of my Clear and Compassionate Communication Training is inspired by the world-renowned method of Non-Violent Communication (NVC). It is a powerful communication tool: it can completely transform the communication cultures of couples/ families/ groups as well as the internal monologues/self-talk of individuals.

Many of us have been brought up to make moral judgements on ‘right and wrong’ and to blame others for our emotions. Learn to move away from these habits towards clear, non-judgemental language. Contact me now to ask any questions you might have!

What will participants learn?

In my interactive workshops I use real-life examples and role plays to facilitate the translation of insights into day-to-day practice. Firstly, workshop participants learn to provide concrete descriptions of their observations without passing judgements. Secondly, as human we share the same needs, e.g. need for independence, reliability and connection.


Learn in a playful way to connect these (unfulfilled) needs and to your emotions, and how to express them.

Additionally, through various role plays participants learn to express in concrete terms what the other person could do to make their life easier or happier. Moreover, we also practice the listener's perspective: shift away from hearing accusations towards hearing needs. The workshops inspire a powerful change in attitude: Understand how to give and receive with compassion by focussing on shared human needs. 

 How can the workshop change my day-to-day life?

  • More authentic communication to enhance intimacy and trust with your partner

  • Enhanced empathy: strengthen relationships with your partner and children

  • Fewer conflicts: Move away from loops of blaming towards clearly expressing your needs

  • More self-compassion: deal better with overwhelming emotions and perceived “failures”

  • Address needs of customers/ patients more effectively to provide better support

Take part in NVC practice sessions, (overview below) or design your own course.

Which workshops are coming up?

Click the link below to find out about the upcoming workshop and to register.

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