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Personal background

Non-judgemental and authentic

Connect to yourself and your partner through movement and mindfulness!

I have been dancing diverse dance styles all my life and, therefore, strongly believe that movement can help people to be better in touch with themselves, and gain access to emotions and subconscious solutions.


My inspiring experiences in movement meditation/5rhythms made me realise first-hand how powerful and healing it is be fully present in your body.


Additionally, I have given workshops in Latin American and African couple dances. Moving as a unit helps couples to reconnect on a different level. Where suitable I want to share this enthusiasm with you by complementing traditional coaching and mediation techniques with simple movement techniques.

I have been practicing BIKRAM and Vinyasa yoga for several years. I do mindfulness and chakra meditation on a regular basis. I bring this level of awareness and simple meditation exercises into the mediation and coaching process. more


How my passion for different cultures can help you relocate smoothly

I was 16years old when I first went abroad to an English boarding school. All my known surroundings, friends, family and food were suddenly gone. Integrating into a strictly organised boarding school community and a new country was challenging. I coped badly by studying and eating excessively.  

Years later I went on a University exchange to Chile, yet due to the Chilean student protests my courses didn’t take place as planned - I felt lonely and disorientated. From my previous stays abroad in Spain and the Netherlands, I had learned one thing: being pro-active is key. I pushed myself to go to ZUMBA several times a week and started making friends.


By consciously choosing coping strategies I shifted from loneliness to considering Chile my second home.

While living in seven countries I felt the immense pain, confusion and frustration associated with culture shock and relocation dozens of times. With every relocation I became more conscious of how to cope well. Therefore, I will support your relocation with a lot empathy as an as an international expat, Cultural Anthropologist and Integration Coach.

My intercultural sensitivity will help you strengthen your relationship

The topic, which has been close to my heart for 20 years is the mutual understanding of different cultures and ways of living. Since I was young, I have challenged people´s prejudices and quick judgements. I have always pointed out that life choices of people and groups are more complex than they seem. In that way I tried to heighten people’s empathy for others and invite them to reflect on their judgements.

I have continuously challenged my own cultural beliefs and customs - be it when living in a traditional hut of the Maasai tribe in Tanzania, sitting in a penthouse overlooking the Ipanema beach in Brazil, or receiving sacred rituals for my traditional wedding in South India.

Similarly, I invite you to reflect on you own cultural values and how these shape your perception of situations and behaviours of others. This increased self-awareness will help you to better understand your partner and allow you to connect deeper with your partner.

intercultural marriage

My husband is from India, thus, I live the adventure of an intercultural marriage on a daily basis. It requires a lot of openness; I try not to make any assumptions but instead to ask: “what do you associate with this word/food/clothes?”


It is key our marriage to always understand what is behind my husband´s behaviour or attitude instead of judging based on my own culture.


I want to share this intercultural sensitivity paired with my experience as a Cultural Anthropologist and coach/mediator with you. Find suitable communication strategies to connect deeper with your partner.

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