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Mediation for young people

Towards connection, openness and comfort

How to be happier at home?

You might have quite some arguments with your siblings or parents at home and find it difficult to talk to them. These discussions can leave you feel lonely, down and angry. Do you want to talk openly with your family and feel more included? As a mediator I can help you: I listen to you calmly without judging you. We can discuss what is going on at home and how you feel about it.


Through lots of creative exercises, I support you to think about your options. For instance, which steps can you take to improve the situation? What do you need from others? How can you tell your family members what is on your mind?

Anything you share with me stays between the two of us. I will not give you my opinion or push you in any direction. Instead, I will help you to get started with steps you feel confident taking. It is completely up to you whether you want to give mediation a try.

What do I get out of mediation?

  • Better communication: share what is truly in your heart and better understand your family members

  • Actively improve the situation: find solutions that suit your particular situation

  • Learn to manage your anger, so that arguments don’t escalate

  • More fun family time

  • Fewer arguments at home will make it easier for you to concentrate at school

  • Home as a place of safety and support

How does mediation work?

I offer individual sessions and joint sessions. Individual sessions are one-to-one with me. Joint appointments involve you and another person, e.g. you and your mum together with me. I ensure that everybody gets the time and space to say what is on their mind.

It is up to you whether you want to involve another person or just receive support for yourself. You can pick where you would like the sessions to take place – wherever you feel comfortable and safe.

Get in touch so we can chat about any questions you might have. You can also drop me an email or text and I will call you back. To use my service, you must be at least 11 years old and have permission of your parents. Appointments can take place in German, English or Spanish. We can meet in person in Berlin or talk on online. Book a free session to see if mediation is right for you.

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