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Couples and families: How to build a healthy relationship?

Maintaining healthy relationships with your loved ones can be challenging, yet it is so important for your well-being and support system. You might have tried a lot of strategies to talk to your partner and/or children, but feel it is not really working. Additionally, changes like getting married, having a new child or moving to a new country can make things particularly stressful.


Do you want to experience more ease in your family life and have more quality time? Imagine you would feel comfortable enough to share anything with your partner/child and truly understand each other's ways of seeing things. I am here to assist you in building a healthy connection with yourself, and strong and open relationships with others. Feel empowered to actively change your situation and positively deal with conflict and change! more

Intercultural relationships: how to understand your partner fully

Intercultural relationships can come with an additional set of challenges. While many first think of the obvious: different food, differences in clothing, differences in language, there is so much more. These more subtle attitudes and assumptions can cause complicated discussions as they are not tangible. Understanding these subtle differences requires a lot of openness and awareness.


Are you longing for a deeper relationship with your partner coming from another culture? Do you want to be able to share openly what is in your heart? As a coach I have specialised in strengthening intercultural couple relationships by using a variety of creative exercises.  I support you with a lot of empathy and experience as an international traveller, cultural anthropologist and wife in an intercultural marriage. Gain a better understanding of your own and your partner's culture! Learn how to navigate your differences smoothly! more

Relocation coaching for expats: How to integrate smoothly in a new country?

Intercultural challenges also occur when you move to another country. Suddenly being surrounded by people with different values and assumptions can cause a lot of confusion, insecurity and affect your productivity and relationships. Culture shock goes much deeper than most assume. You might wonder: what is an appropriate topic with my new colleague? How do I find new friends? How should I deal with loneliness?

Integration/relocation coaching enables you to become pro-active and take conscious choices to help you settle in quickly. Prevent the adverse effects on your mental well-being and relationships. more

Relocation coach supports expat to settle in smoothly in a new country. Relocation Coach hilft Migrant sich in einem neuen Land gut einzuleben.

Relocation/Integration Coaching

Deal consciously with culture shock! Settle in smoothly by becoming more conscious and pro-active more

Relationship coach supports intercultural couple to consciously deal with cultural differencesand improve communication. Beziehungscoach hilft interkulturellem Paar bewusster mit kulturellen Unterschieden umzugehen und besser zu kommunizieren,

Intercultural Couple Coaching

Become more conscious of your

partner's culture. Communicate openly and connect deeper more 

Mediator supports family to better communicate. Mediatorin unterstützt Familie besser miteinander zu kommunizieren.

Family Mediation

An ongoing conflict can leave you feel drained. Mediation offers a safe space to explore solutions more

Movement and mindfulness as a bonus

Sometimes while talking about a challenging situation or analysing an issue you experience a block. Certain emotions might be difficult to access, or some issues are not immediately apparent.

Therefore, I additionally employ optional movement and mindfulness exercises. These are designed to heighten your awareness of your body, which helps you gain better insights into what is underneath your emotions and tap into subconscious solutions. Additionally, joint movement exercises can also help you reconnect with your partner more

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Laura is an amazing coach. First, I was a bit sceptical about coaching in general, but I changed my mind after meeting Laura. I don’t know how she does it, but after listening carefully, she asks a few of her magic questions that made me realize aspects in my relationship that I didn’t see before. Her strength is to be a very empathetic person who supports people in establishing a connection to the emotions of others as well as their own. This may sound trivial, but it helped me so much.

Paul S., German, PhD Candidate

service accessed: relationship coaching

I strongly recommend Laura. She is a magnificent mediator, her services are really professional and helpful. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the sessions with her!

Julieta S., Mexican, Photographer

service accessed: mediation

During the  non-violent communication training I realized how important it is to communicate by using words wisely and understanding the other person’s feelings and needs. She used many real-life examples and tools to make me understand the content in depth.  I feel much better prepared to deal with uncomfortable issues and challenging conversations in my personal and professional life. Both my mum and sister told me my communication has changed since the training, which exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend Ms Laura’s training.  She presents the materials with expertise and humor.

R.K., Indian, Sales

participant in compassionate  communication workshop

It was my boyfriend who discovered the "Intercultural relationship" workshop. I didn't really know what to expect of it and was at first a bit sceptical. I was really surprised as the 3 hour session gave us so much. As an expat living in my partner's country, it really made us explore our feelings and discuss underlying factors necessary for building a happy home together (away from my home). Thanks to the workshop, we now have a good basis for talking and understanding each other's culture and and being more empathetic to the other person's needs. Thank you, Laura!

Tereza K.,  Czech, Intern. Development

service accessed: Connection workshop for intercultural couples


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