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Professional background

Empathetic and open

As a mediator and coach, I always try to understand your needs

I am an accredited mediator and coach, having successfully completed a one-year training course in mediation and coaching at Free University Berlin. My training included a range of application scenarios, communication techniques and role plays.


Several additional training modules in non-violent communication continue to inspire me to explore shared human needs, e.g. need for independence, self-development and inclusion. For me it is all about what is behind emotions and I bring this level of empathy and compassion into the coaching and mediation process.

While studying Psychology at Utrecht University I learned a lot about communication, cognitive patterns mental health. While studying in Europe, Africa and South America I reflected intensely on different customs, values and world views; this has furthered my natural curiosity and true passion for understanding different ways of living without passing judgements.


I am passionate about intercultural reconciliation, human relationships and different ways of living. This led me to complete my MSc in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Oxford. Anthropology is about the ways in which different groups make sense of the world. I studied values, customs and social structures.

Additionally, my approach is inspired by movement and mindfulness practice. I employ a range of creative visual tools and physical movement techniques tailored to the specific nature of the issue and your preferences.

Communication is key!

Working as a Communication Manager for the University of Cambridge furthered my understanding of formal and informal communication channels. I learned to anticipate the recipients’ perspective, and design processes to communicate comprehensive messages in stages.

In addition to my independent work with clients, I was employed as Family Mediator by The Bridge, a UK charity. In the UK I worked with over 60 families empowering their members to resolve their conflicts in a more open and empathetic way. I supported both young people and their parents regarding a range of issues such as communication, verbal and physical aggression, rules & boundaries and mental health, and facilitates both individual and joint appointments in a range of locations.


I continuously expand and refine my knowledge based on client feedback, workshops and supervision. I have worked with clients in the UK, Germany and United Arab Emirates from a variety of backgrounds, e.g. Kenya, Dominican Republic and India.

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