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Intercultural coaching

Towards compassion, clarity and authenticity

"I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”


Due to maternity leave, I currently don't accept new clients

Intercultural coaching: How to deal with culture clashes?

Culture touches so many aspects of our lives. While many first think of the obvious: different food, differences in clothing, differences in language, there is so much more. From assumptions about gender roles to appropriate gifts. Importantly, most of culture is subconscious and not tangible. People are not aware that they perceive and judge the world through a cultural lens – this is why culture clashes are challenging to deal with.

Do you experience issues with your partner from another culture? Do you feel overwhelmed by the cultural differences after having moved to a new country? I support you with a lot of empathy and experience as an international traveller, cultural anthropologist and wife in an intercultural marriage.

Having lived in seven countries, I have felt the far-reaching impact of culture hundreds of times. That's why I will guide you with a lot of understanding and without judgement or pressure.

As a coach I will empower you to identify manageable steps towards your goals. Sense relief, gain clarity and feel more in control as a result of coaching.

Every client and every situation are unique, and I do my best to adapt the process to accommodate whatever suits you best. Coaching can involve individual appointments and/or couple sessions. Book a free initial consultation now to get all questions answered!


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