Relocation/Integration coaching for expats

Towards inclusion, belonging and wholeness

Expat Integration coaching: How to overcome culture shock smoothly?

Moving to another country can cause a lot of confusion and insecurity. Culture shock can severely damage your mental health and strongly affect your productivity and relationships. When it comes to cultural differences many first think of the obvious: distinct food, clothes and language, yet there is so much more.


Suddenly, your environment has a different understanding of politeness, office hierarchies and time orientation. You might wonder: Who is paying for the restaurant bill? How should I talk to my new business partner or neighbour? These more subtle attitudes and assumptions are not tangible, thus, understanding them requires a lot of openness and awareness.

Relocation coaching can support you (individually or together with your family/team) in this adaptation phase. As a coach I can help you to break down new experiences and explore cultural contradictions. Prevent the adverse effects of culture shock: identify suitable coping strategies! Book your free discovery call now!

How can relocation coaching help you to become pro-active in your new environment?

Through coaching you will find a balance between adapting to the new environment and continuing your previous life. Using visual, mindfulness and thought-provoking exercises I will support you in becoming more aware of your emotions around the relocation. What situations do you find particularly frustrating, and why?

Most of us are not aware of our own culture – we see the world through a lens of assumptions and values without realising it. Thus, I will help you to reflect on your own cultural values. How do they impact your perception of a situation? How do they influence your behaviour? As a result, you will have a better understanding of culture clashes and be able to consciously choose coping strategies.

I draw on my life and work experience in four continents and my Oxford University degree in Social and Cultural Anthropology.


Having deeply felt the impact of culture shock dozens of times myself, I have a comprehensive understanding of the issues related with relocation that are frequently overlooked or dismissed.


  • Moving to a new country or job

  • Returning after living in another country (‘reverse culture shock’)

  • Dealing with own contradictions in terms of cultural identity/belonging


What are the benefits of Relocation/Integration Coaching?

  • Increased awareness of sources of strength: better deal with feelings of loneliness and hopelessness

  • Make conscious choices how to deal with sensitive and frustrating situations

  • Take active steps: connect with locals, continue hobbies, orientate yourself

  • Increased intercultural sensitivity: consciously navigate culture clashes

  • Milder culture shock: increased productivity at work

  • Reduced frustration around relocation: prevent damage to your family/couple relationships

  • For family members: improved strategies to support your partner

Basic Package
  • 2 sessions before departure face-to-face in Berlin or online*

  • 3 sessions after arrival

  • reflection exercises about culture clashes via email

  • exercises to understand own culture better

Premium Package
  • 2 session before departure*

  • 5 sessions after arrival

  • 2h intercultural sensitivity workshop

  • reflection exercises about culture clashes via email

  • exercises to understand own culture better

  • drafting of resources/strength plan before departure

  • “first aid”: scheduling of spontaneous check-ins in critical/sensitive situations (2x)

Couple/family Package
  • 2 session before departure*

  • 5 sessions after arrival

  • reflection exercises about relationship dynamics and roles

  • exercises to understand own cultures better

  • communication exercises

  • drafting of resources/strength plan 

  • free access to my workshop "how to support my partner through culture shock"

*ideally these sessions should take place before departure, tailored changes to the packages are possible

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