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Family mediation

Towards connection, openness and empathy

“Somewhere beyond right and wrong, there is a garden. I will meet you there.”


Mediation for 11-19 year olds

FOR Young People


Due to maternity leave, I currently don't accept new clients

Family mediation and conflict coaching: how to build a happy family life?

An ongoing conflict with your loved ones can leave you feeling drained, overwhelmed and stuck. Maintaining healthy family relationships can be challenging, yet it is so important for your well-being and support system. Do you want to reconnect with your family members? Do you want to have less arguments and spend more fun family time?


My confidential service provides a safe space to explore any issues without feeling judged. You can book a mix of individual sessions and joint sessions, or only individual sessions (conflict coaching).


Gain more clarity regarding your feelings and what would improve the situation for you. Through open-ended questions and creative exercises, I empower you to find your own solutions. Adolescents/young people can take part in the process more… Please note that mediation is voluntary; I rely on parties actively wanting to engage in this process.

What are the benefits of mediation?

  • More open communication: share what is truly in your heart and better understand others

  • Move forward: find solutions that suit your particular situation

  • Improve your mental health by lifting a heavy burden

  • Increased self-awareness: better manage your triggers and emotions to avoid escalation of arguments

  • Better understanding of common interests: feel more like a family unit

  • Clear rules and routines in the house give more space for fun family time 

  • Having fewer draining discussions leaves you with more energy in your job and hobbies etc.

  • Home as a place of safety and support


Issues around family

These sessions are directed at individuals with or without children, irrespective of sexual orientation, marital status or ethnic/religious background, and at extended family members and young people (min. 11 years)

Parental and sibling relationships:

  • Rules and boundaries (e.g. risky online behaviour, school attendance, chores)

  • Physical and verbal aggression

  • Communication

  • Mental health (e.g. isolation, self-harm, substance misuse and anxiety)

  • Anger management


Couple relationships:

  • Communication

  • Intimacy and trust

  • Child rearing (e.g. appropriate rules, religious affiliation, risky behaviour of children)

  • Clash of cultural backgrounds/norms

  • Routines and joint activities

  • Anger management


Issues around school

These sessions aim to resolve issues between parents or students and school staff, or between peers.


  • Behaviour in class (e.g. aggression, exclusion)

  • School attendance

  • Anxiety and stress management

  • Isolation and bullying

  • Transition to a new school

  • Special educational needs (SEN), e.g. in relation to physical or mental health

FOR AdultS

Mediation for adult family members

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