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Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Tips for intercultural couples # 4

To travel to your partner's home country is so important to understand what shaped her/him. In times of Covid you can do a virtual travel via GoogleMaps, skyping friends and relatives and looking at old photos.

Truly immerse yourself in the culture:

🌿soak in the smells and sounds of the local market

🌿understand which items people value by visit relatives’ houses

🌿get a feel of how people get to work by using local transport

In many cases your partner might have lived in several countries. Try to revisit these places together. Wonder and reflect on what shaped the attitudes, perceptions and fears your partner is holding.

✨How do women and men relate to each other?

✨What materials/symbols are linked to wealth and luck?

✨By observing how people dress, what are the rules around modesty?

✨What is the normal pitch and volume of people speaking?

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