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Connect to your body! It sends you important messages

Our body sends us important signals regarding our feelings and needs; however, all too often we do not consciously perceive them. Therefore, to make better use of these signals I offer a unique blend between traditional mediation/coaching tools, and movement and mindfulness techniques.

Please note that these are optional, and we will discuss your preferences prior to starting the process.

These techniques can include simple breathing, mindfulness and movement exercises, which support you in reconnecting to your physical sensations and feelings in relation to the issue at hand. Naturally, any movement elements are purely for expression and self-awareness and do not require any type of dance or movement experience. These exercises are an elective add-on.

How to use movement exercises and mindfulness for mediation and coaching?

Using movement and mindfulness mediation to be more connected to your body can help to explore solutions you are otherwise not aware of. Calming the mind and gently moving the body creates access to them.

Additionally, an awareness of tensing up in reaction to particular situations can guide you to recognise triggers. On the contrary, this enhanced awareness can also guide you in recognising positive contexts: knowing when you feel relaxed can help prepare calm and constructive discussions with your partner.


You will become more aware of useful habits and situations in which you feel connected, relaxed and authentic, all of which are valuable for exploring how to move forward.

​In addition to individual exercises, I use simple movement exercises to re-build trust between partners. I go beyond the typical mediation, which merely focuses on solving a particular issue. Instead, I draw on my extensive experience in various couple’s dances, in which being aware of the other person’s movements, energy and lead is key.  

Using this awareness, I help you to rebuild a sense of connection and unity with your partner. This provides a more stable and healthier base to solve future issues.

Connecting body and mind

Towards integration and wholeness

Connecting body and mind supports your integration process

When you find yourself in culture shock you are is overwhelmed with questions, issues and emotions. The body can act as an anchor in this chaotic phase. Connecting to your body gives you an enhanced awareness of what you need in this moment.

During mediation you can visualize your sources of strength and happiness, which enables you to decide on your next steps.


Through mindfulness you can reach a calmer state of mind that enables you to see your issues from a distance. Removing yourself from the overwhelming situation and seeing the situation from the birds-eye view will inspire you to think about new steps you could take.

Feeling into your body also allows you to remove obstacles towards reaching your goals. Which steps cause you to tense up? Which hindering thoughts could you rephrase?

Why do I use body awareness techniques?

I have been dancing diverse dance styles all my life. I, therefore, strongly believe that movement can help people to be better in touch with themselves and gain access to emotions and solutions, which they are unaware of. I draw on my long-standing experience of teaching different couple dances, and use a variety of adapted techniques in my client work. 

Additionally, I have been practicing hot yoga and Vinyasa yoga for several years and do mindfulness and movement meditation on a regular basis. So, I experience the far-reaching benefits regularly. My practice includes a variety of breathing and awareness exercises, which I adapt and simplify when using them with clients.

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